The Journey: Peru Trip

This July 4th, a dedicated team of 23 people from The Journey Church will embark on a ten-day mission trip to Iquitos, Peru. They will be partnering with the People of Peru Project (POPP), a non-profit organization tirelessly working to address the needs of the people in Iquitos, ranging from housing to medical care and clean drinking water.

The People of Peru Project has set a remarkable goal: to build a state-of-the-art hospital to serve over half a million people currently lacking access to adequate healthcare. The hospital will not only provide life-saving medical services but also create job opportunities for locals. It will be staffed by trained professionals offering a comprehensive range of services. However, to realize this dream, they need to raise $1 million. Until this goal can be achieved, they are committed to providing medical and dental care.

The Journey Church’s team, comprising a wide cross-section of individuals, will augment the efforts of the People of Peru Project. They will bring their unique skill sets and unwavering dedication to this mission. Their collective expertise spans medical experience, construction, nutrition, teaching, and worship through music and dance. The mission trip’s goal is to assist POPP wherever possible and build lasting relationships for future trips.

In addition to the hospital project, the team will also support Poppy’s House, a safe haven for trafficked young girls, while aiding other local ministries. They will deliver much-needed medical supplies, Spanish readers, water filters, and other resources. However, they still need more medications and funding to purchase additional materials in-country.

World Family Missions (WFM) will assist as a stateside clearinghouse, gathering funds and facilitating their effective use. WFM will issue tax-deductible receipts for all contributions, ensuring your generosity is recognized appropriately.

Our team understands that they are merely the hands and feet on the ground. You, our supporters, are the lifeblood of this mission. As Paul Opp, the founder of the People of Peru Project, said, it’s all about making the world a better place one person at a time.

The need is great, but with your financial support and prayers, we can make a substantial difference in Iquitos. We humbly ask for your donation to this noble cause. Please consider donating through WFM at to ensure your contribution directly supports this mission trip. Together, we can bring hope to the people of Iquitos, Peru.
Feel free to use the dedicated Paypal link, or send a Check to WFM 9480 W. River Beach Ln, Garden City, 83714 to avoid processing fees that PayPal charges