Statement of Faith/Purpose Statment

While WFM is non-denominational, we stand in agreement with the Southern Baptist Faith and Message. 

World Family Missions Statement of Faith: 

World Family Missions stands as a non-denominational Christian entity, deeply anchored in the  foundational truths of Christianity. 

Scriptural Authority: We firmly believe that the Bible is God’s divinely inspired Word. It serves as the  paramount authority, guiding our church life, molding our faith, and directing our practice. 

Nature of God: We uphold the belief in a Triune God: three distinct Persons—Father, Son, and Holy  Spirit—united in one Godhead. Each possesses the entirety of divine attributes, making them equal in  deity and significance. 

Divinity of Jesus Christ: We proclaim that Jesus Christ is the manifestation of God in human form. Born  of a virgin, He lived a life devoid of sin. Christ, crucified for our transgressions, was resurrected, ascended  to heaven, and will return to establish His reign on Earth. 

Salvation’s Gift: We believe that salvation is a FREE gift of divine grace. This salvation is graciously  extended to all who place their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

Christ’s Leadership: The Lord Jesus Christ remains the head of our church, guiding our paths and  decisions. 

Unity, Charity, and Love: In matters of core importance, we stand unified; in areas of lesser significance,  we exercise charity. Above all, in every circumstance, we lead with love and respect. 

Autonomy: Although our missionaries resonate with the stated tenets, their individual beliefs and  teachings might not always mirror the official stance of World Family Missions. We embrace and respect  the rich tapestry of ideas, all under the guidance of Jesus Christ. 

Purpose Statement for World Family Missions 

World Family Missions (WFM) is a committed Christian 501(c)(3) sending organization with an  unwavering devotion to facilitate the call of mission-focused families. Our primary objective is to  minimize barriers that hinder families from engaging in missions, ensuring they can wholly focus on their  divine purpose. WFM wants to be a disruptor in the Mission Sending Community, combating the  “corporatization” of Missions as a business or job. For hundreds of years missionaries went on the  mission field as a calling from God. We observed an unsettling shift in missions, where the role of a  missionary began to resemble a conventional career, complete with comprehensive medical, dental, and  retirement benefits. This contrasts starkly with the traditional tentmaker missionary who simply answers  the call and goes. With years of pre-field mission training, fundraising training, language school….  Throwing hurdle after hurdle in front of missionaries. At WFM, our conviction is clear: if God calls you to  the mission field, it’s time to act TODAY! 

What We Do:

Financial Facilitation: WFM acts as an efficient donation clearinghouse, accommodating various  methods of contributions, such as PayPal, credit cards, cash, stocks, and checks. We simplify the  donation process for benefactors, offering provisions for setting up regular automated contributions. 

Transparency and Accountability: Our commitment is to always maintain low fees, as we identified high  fees as obstacles to ministry. This is the very reason we began. We won’t be allocating funds for  administrators’ retirements or mismanaging money. Full transparency in our financial operations is a  guarantee. Our fees will always be capped at 6%, often even lower. While most of our WFM team  volunteers, a few receive compensation for their time. Interestingly, these WFM members are frequently  our main contributors, further helping to defray costs through their personal donations. 

Legal and Administrative Support: From ensuring compliance with IRS 990 forms to providing real-time  donation summaries and annual reports, we offer comprehensive administrative assistance. Donors are  furnished with giving receipts for tax purposes, and missionaries receive an end-of-year summary for  their records and to say thank you. 

Connection and Communication: We bridge the gap between missionaries and their supporters,  fostering open lines of communication.  

Spiritual Nourishment: WFM believes in the spiritual growth of our missionaries and their families. To  this end, we provide free access to Bible teachings for our missionaries through – please contact us and we will help link missionaries up. 

Additional Services: From assisting in book publications to organizing mission trips, our missionaries  receive tailored support based on their unique needs.