Michael Boswell

Hello, my name is Michael Boswell, I am a missionary who will be serving in Iquitos, Peru. This February, I will be heading there to serve with an incredible organization called People of Peru Project ( During my first trip to Iquitos, I plan to serve People of Peru Project in every way I can. Whether that be through various construction, practical and humanitarian needs, or hosting mission’s teams from other countries sent to serve, as well as being a part of their ministry in sharing in the Good News of Jesus with those around me. I also plan during my first trip there to: learn the language and culture so that I can better serve the community and convey God’s love in a way that they can relate to, connect with other ministries in the area to see how I can serve alongside them, and get more established in the country so I can stay there for a longer period of time doing what God has called us to do.

I have spent the last few years of my life training and preparing to serve God on the mission field. I spent six months interning with Mercy in Action in the Philippines. Afterwards, I spent two semesters in Texas at Christ for the Nations Bible Institute and one semester in the Republic of Georgia at Calvary Chapel Bible College Eurasia. After returning home I went through EMT training and served at my local Church, The Journey, serving in the Youth Ministry. It is my hope that through this preparation and your prayers and support that I will be able to serve God in places of need for years to come. Thank you for your support!

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