Badgley Family

The Plan

As the Lord provides funds, we aim to make periodic visits to return to our former mission field to serve and minister in our spiritual giftings to the Shuar Indigenous people, utilizing our educational training and spiritual background. This includes maintaining new and old relationships with our Shuar connections, rural jungle villages, Ecuadorian friends, and several Christian ministry connections. We also aim to look for opportunities to connect with other partners in ministry who share a mutual goal of bringing the gospel to the Shuar.

Residing in the jungle of southeast Ecuador, the Shuar are now considered “minimally reached” with the Gospel, a minor upgrade from their “unreached” status a decade ago. Even among the small new work accomplished with the Shuar, there is much discipleship needed and desired, as syncretism of their animistic shamanic beliefs is common. There is currently an open door for the gospel that had not been there historically.




Who are the Badgleys and their Background

We are Russell & Sarah Badgley, married for 22 years, blessed with 6 kids (ages 2-21); four of whom are homeschooling, and 2 are grown and launched. We live and work in Idaho; Russ as a Professional Land Surveyor & Sarah as a Professional Certified Midwife. In our free time, we like to be outdoors as a family, enjoying activities such as hunting, fishing, and hiking.


We are former missionaries with an evangelical missions agency. During this time, we had a vision for starting a new mission field with the Shuar people of Ecuador; working and living in-country for chunks of time between Nov. 2015-Nov 2019.

Please pray about partnering with us to reach the people of Ecuador.

The Badgley Family

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