Join WFM!

Why World Family Missions Should Be Your Sending Organization

  • A Christian 501(c)(3) sending organization with a reasonable overhead fee structure.

    WFM Missionary, The Bertleson Family.

    WFM charges a fee of 6% + any platform transaction fees for incoming donations, which
    is significantly lower compared to other organizations (which typically charge 10-18% +fees). The fee covers all WFM overhead costs, including administration and transfer
    fees, and will not be increased according to the WFM board.

    WFM Missionaries, The Jones Family.

  • An efficient donation clearinghouse, with multiple options for incoming donations,
    including PayPal, credit card, cash, and check.
  • Assistance in setting up automatic donations and payments for regular donors
  • Transparent management of incoming donations, payments, and reports through a
    shared donation log document.
  • Regular transfers of donations to the specified bank account, with bi-weekly or monthly
    frequency. International transfers may incur additional fees and delays.
  • An end-of-year summary report of donations for the missionary’s personal record.
  • Issuance of giving receipts to donors for tax purposes.
  • Real-time donation summaries for the missionary & communication with donors.
  • Ad hoc services and support as needed, upon request.
  • Prayer support team for the missionary and their ministry.
  • Access to Bible teachings for the missionary and their family.
  • Potential assistance in publishing books for the missionary’s ministry.
  • Opportunities to participate in mission trips organized by WFM.
  • Promotion of the missionary’s biography and ministry on the WFM website, potentially
    leading to additional partnerships and fundraising opportunities.
  • Regular updates and newsletters.

Tell me about the fees

  • Unlike many missions organizations, which typically charge between 10-18% + fees, WFM charges a fee of 6% + fees.
  • 3% covers our general fees, Web page, Web hosting, annual accountant

    WFM Missionary, Sophia Barkdall.

    and legal check-in for the IRS 990 form, postage etc.

  • 2% for wages for part-time bookkeeping, check and PayPal processing
    and report generation. We use volunteers a lot but want to occasionally
    gift them a dinner for their efforts
  • 1% WFM emergency fund for application where needed most by the
  • 100% transparency on WFM general funds spending, we are a lean
    organization and embrace transparency/accountability in our spending:

Missionary Requirements

  • A real Christian faith, with an acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as the only savior.
  • Agreement with WFM’s statement of faith
  • Brief updates about the ministry, as requested by WFM (typically quarterly).
  • Willingness to address any disciplinary issues, if they arise.
  • Acknowledgment of WFM as the sending organization in all communication to maintain a clear fundraising path.