Our Team

Mike Jones

Mike co-founded World Family Missions in 2015 while serving as a missionary with his wife Sarah in the Philippines. Mike has continued to direct WFM while following his calling to be a youth and worship back in the states. Mike currently serves as the Worship and Youth Pastor at Shamrock Baptist Church in Shamrock, Oklahoma.

From a very young age, Mike was involved in overseas missions and ministry of all kinds.

Mike and Sarah were married in 2014 and now have 4 young children.

Mike loves his family, music, sports, travel and ministering to the teens at church.

Mike and his youngest son Judah

Justin Mitson

Justin has served on the advisory board at WFM since its founding in 2015; helping Mike Jones bring it from one family serving God in mission work, to now multiple families making a difference in their communities and others around the world!

His experience in mission work before World Family Missions includes:

Belize mission trips:

  • 2006 – Christmas Box
  • 2013 – Family Mission Trip

Juarez Mexico

  • Mar. 2009 – Team Trip
  • Oct. 2009 – Team Trip

Since WFM was created, he has served/coordinated/supported the following mission trips:


  • Oct. 2015 – Church Building
  • Dec. 2016 – Children’s Christmas Party Mission

Costa Rica

  • Nov. 2016 – Free Wheelchair Missions Trip

CO Springs

  • Jun. 2016 – Hope Rock Ranch Camp/VBS
  • Jun. 2017 – Hope Rock Ranch Camp/VBS

Africa (Durban & Botswana)

  • 2016 – Gospel school magic shows – Bishops team
  • 2019 – Gospel school magic shows – Bishops team

Africa (Rwanda)

  • 2017 – Ambrose/Africa Bright Future


More about Justin:

Justin has a passion for helping people and families serve the Lord in their unique ways, and everyone here at WFM is deeply grateful for all his efforts.
He has successfully started, ran, and sold several businesses in the Treasure Valley, and has been a tremendous asset to World Family Missions with his expertise in business relations and finance.