Michael England

iVaya Con Dios a Peru!

It has been two and a half years since my family returned from our
eight year mission to Ecuador. I am happy to say I have an
opportunity to return to South America this summer with our church,
The Journey Foursquare. We will be traveling to Iquitos, Peru on July 4th for a 10 day missions trip. My daughter, Nastassja, plans to move there next year and I will be on a fact finding mission with her, as well as serving with the ministry missions team from our church.

Our main focus will be planning for Nastassja’s upcoming move to
Peru, Poppy’s House (a home for trafficked young girls) and helping neighboring ministries.

Please join me in prayer and financial support. So many of you made the work in Ecuador possible and we need that support again. I enjoy being the hands and feet, but can’t do this without you.

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