Store of Hope Ministry

Store of Hope Ministry, Uganda


This ministry began in 2016 by Choda Stephen Kiiza as a result of a vision received in 2007 while attending Bible College.  Since this encounter with the Lord, Choda has had a passion for reaching out for Christ through witnessing, teaching scripture, and taking care of the orphans and people in crisis.  They operate a church and an orphanage.  They continue to lead people to Christ and take care of the more than 25 orphans they have found or delivered to them by governmental workers.  God has been shepherding this orphanage since its foundation.


Donate Securely


Existing needs fall into two different areas – operational and project-based as described below.

  • Operational needs are those needs associated with supporting the orphans under our care. These include funds for food, clothing, school fees, sundries, and medical care / medicine, and needed equipment (ex. malaria nets, computer, phones).  To this point, the orphanage receives less than the budgeted amount each month.  Funds donated to meet this need will be used to fund the items listed above.  It is possible to directly sponsor a child if desired.  To do so, please contact the person listed below under accountability.


  • Project-based needs are those needs associated with helping them achieve a level of autonomy giving them the ability to generate income. This helps sustain the orphanage and reduce dependence on others.  At this point, the orphanage is almost fully dependent on others.


There are two primary projects, which the ministry would appreciate help with.  These two projects are:


  1. Chicken Coop and Chickens ($1,000)

The goal is to be able to raise chickens for food (both eggs and chicken) and for sale to the local community.   The cost of this project includes the purchase of building materials, construction of a chicken coop and acquisition of baby chickens, and feed.   Both this project and the project listed below, improve food security for the orphans and will help to generate some income improving self-sustainability.

  1. Land for Farm ($13,000)

The goal of this project is to purchase additional land to farm resulting in crops, which will be used for food and for sale.  The cost of this project includes the purchase and titling of the land, seed, fertilizer, pesticides, fencing, and tools.

  1. Operational Expenses

While the orphanage continues to operate, prioritizing food, medical care and medicine, clothes, toiletries, equipment and tools, and education, the current monthly income is a little over 60% of the required budget.  When a shortfall occurs, education often suffers.  The orphanage desires to break the circle of poverty by fully educating their kids.  To this end, any funds given without a project designation will be used for operational expenses.


The orphanage provides accountability for both its contributions and expenditures. We have people on the ground in Uganda, associated with another ministry, which from time to time, look in and validate the expenditures and progress of the ministry.  At this time, there is a stateside individual, which is helping them raise funds, track expenditures, and maintain a financial ledger.  Gregg Powers may be contacted for questions or more information.  He can be reached at

Legal Status

We are legally operating as a non-government organization (NGO) issued with a certificate of registration, operation permit and certificate of incorporation by the government of Uganda.  We do rely on volunteers from the church to help serve in the church and in caring for the orphans.  We have three pieces of land we own, two dormitories, three latrines, a kitchen, electrical power, a well (in process) and a church.

Individuals and a church have supported them for the last three years.