Hope Rock Ranch

Hope Rock Ranch was started by the Pastor at Springs of Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It’s a place that allows the kids of low income families to enjoy the outdoors and have fun, all while learning about Jesus! Many of these kids never get the chance to go camping, and worse; never get to go to church, making this the ideal place to introduce them to our Savior! God is working through Hope Rock Ranch every year as it grows, and we could always use prayers and volunteers when the time comes! Contact us via the “Contact” page to get more information on the next camp.

Here our team works away in preparation for Hope Rock Ranch!

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Market 3

Market 3 is a location near the fish port with almost 600 homes and shelters built into a small section of a poverty-stricken area. Several local churches have been ministering here for nearly a year, developing a weekly program for children and youth. Recently a fire broke out and destroyed the entire area. At least two lives were lost in the fire. This album is a collection of before and after photos gathered to help share their stories.

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